Smoking Vs. Vaporizing … Is There a Difference?

Smoking Vs Vaporizing
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White Widows 420 Weed Sales … What Strains Did You Purachase?

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For any Sativa this strain really packs a nice mellow creeper high that’s sometimes preferred for individuals days whenever you just gotta function and extremely acquire some stuff accomplished! The Lockeroom ends up having all the meds examined by SC Labs and also the results arrived on the scene to THC14.7%, CBD 1.2%, CBN .%, Total Active Cannabinoids=15.90%. Pretty good…pretty good!! One factor I believe I’ll explain


OK It’s 4.20 — What about 4.21.2012

U.S.Federally mandated testing for drugs began in 1989 after the Dept of Trans began to implement with great zeal its drug / alcohol program testing all of its workers covered by their insurance. From the onset of the Dept. of Trans mandated weed and or other drugs testing program, 19 % of U.S. truck drivers were driving drity, with either coke, pot or crack -amphetamines… i.e they pissed dirty. 

All froms of U . S . States DOT (Dept of Trans) need a clean US Dept of Trans drug test. The Fed’s / Government Aviation Administration (FAA) drug tests all of their aircraft pilots, they pop drug test their flight crew, weed test the mechanics in addition to drug tests for the guys that repair 145 FBO fixed base operators.

Alcohol testing and Drug Testing are accomplished to help establish cause after any sort of accident. Make sure you go back to work ready!


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Da’ White Widow’s Top Selling Cannabis Strains

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Ranked by volume of grams offered, fundamental necessities 25 most broadly used medicinal Weed strains for March. While Blue Dream again acquired whenever possible, more individual grams of Sour Diesel were bought by medicinal marijuana patients lately. Overall, it appears both of these Sativas have separated themselves within the pack, as few other strain assigned the $100,000 mark. However, in the event you take into account the kinds of OG Kush thatproliferate the shelves of collectives, odds are the most popular (specifically in California) Indica dominant strain might be developing a play to get the best honors. In addition, the finest riser this month was Durban Poison while BC early blueberry experienced the finest drop in sales. As you have seen, the medicinal marijuana marketplace is thriving when faced with recent adversity:

Purple Urkel Marijuana Seeds


Purple Urkle Marijuana Seeds have a multifaceted genetics background, a blend of Super skunk OG, and the Blueberry genesis family, thus the pungent flavor of grapes.  Purple Urkle is weighty dank indica and quite often too strong many marijuana patients. Generally suggested for evening medication use, Purple Urkle is no joke (despite its name) wonderful for those who suffer from insomnia sufferers.  

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Type: Hybrid (50/50-ish?)

Price: $370/ounce

Apperance: Big stinky, Dank, Chunky, Flowers of love.  I hate FIMMING but it worksl.  They really have a lot of color and tight little oval shapes.  The dank Purp buds are very impressive to look at – very hairy, dense as fuck.  Outstanding trichome coverage. 

I feel like it would almost look like a subtle flower still on the plant.  Almost like a beautiful Lamb’s Ear.  The colors themselves are definitely noteworthy.  Light and dark greens alike with a grapey shade of purple throughout.

Scent: My friend opened the jar and the smell burned his eyes.  My wife says “The smells hits you hard in the face.  I can just about get high off the smell.”  There are two testimonies.  DO NOT OPEN A CONTAINER OF THIS IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR MEDICATION A SECRET.  Sweet pine.  Not a whole lot of fruit, skunk, or anything.  Just a sweet pine smell.  No lemon at all.  It’s really fantastic.  I got a big whiff of kushiness.

Flavor: A good little bit of expansion on the hits.  We had three packs of blunt wraps and after a bowl, decided that it would be too hard to make it through a blunt.  It feels like the hit sits in your lungs even after the bowl has gone around the room and made it back to you.  The taste is just about the same as the smell.  When you aren’t coughing your brain off (not from it being harsh, just from the expansion) you can taste the sweet pine described in the smell portion.

Elevation height: Potent.  One bowl has me so stoned.  I’ll tell you if it’s a mind or body buzz following a couple bowls. I must allow it to occur.  To quote myself from earlier, “My mind is fully conscious of how high my body system is.”  Be ready to giggle.  None people are earning sense but we’re getting an incredible time.  It’s almost a social high using the people you’re friends with very well.  Sit lower together with your close friends, smoke a fatty, and obtain senior high school high.  Laugh and relish the hell from yourself.  An incredible wake-n-bake.  Really puts you inside a good mood during the day.  Knocks out anxiety pretty hard.

One bowl has me so stoned.  I’ll let you know if it is a mind or body buzz carrying out a couple bowls. I have to let it occur.  To quote myself from earlier, “My thoughts are fully alert to how high my figure is.”  Anticipate to giggle.  None individuals are generating sense but we’re getting an amazing time.  It’s almost a social high while using people you are buddies with perfectly.  Sit lower along with your close buddies, smoke a fatty, and acquire secondary school high.  Laugh and like the hell from yourself.  An amazing wake-n-bake.  Really puts you in the good mood throughout your day.  Knocks out anxiety pretty hard.

Elevation Period: Long.  We’re straight chilling.  I’d say three syn bubblers packed with about .4 each lasted three people an hour and a half of solid stone before descent.  There were many times that I heard dead silence followed by, “I’m so highhhh.”

Quality of Run: It seems like it had been overpriced, but I’m glad I taken care of it.  I’d get it done once again for that pictures, the review, and also the smoking experience.  However that it is during my weed toolbox, I most likely wouldn’t wish to pay a lot more than $340/ ounce in the pub tops.

Comparison to Crimson Nurple: Nowhere close.  Everything was pretty different- in the smell, towards the taste, towards the high.  The only real comparable feature was the bud structure.  Take a look at my Purple Strain reviews pictures to see what I mean.  


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Hope everyone has a nice V-day with someone they love!  Or if you hate Valentine’s, like I know so many people do, I hope you have a happy Tuesday! Red heart Purple Urkel

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