White Widows Black Sheep Cousin… The Black Widow Marijuana Seed Strain


The much forgotten step sister to the sweet White Widow is the slightly omninous sounding cannabis strain known as “The Black Widow strain ” She derives her genetics from the same gene pool as those other widow strains that have won a number of awards since the Black Widow was introduced inthe late 1990’s.  The Widow vaieties of cannabis have received many thanks from around the world. The widow cannabis seed strains have high natural THC levels, achieved through selective cross breeding. 
The Black Widow cannabis plant parted from her famous sister (The White Widow) to follow her own color and genetic destiny with the establishment of Azarius cannabis SeedBank. She mstill has the resin production that give the white variety an errie cobwebbed apperance. The title has  added intrigue of the famous female spiders who devours their mates.  But this Black Widow has a dank and pungent, yet sweet smell and  ammonia overtones. 
This plant’s stocks are like a lanky Palm tree. While BlackWidow likes TLC to achieve optimum results. For indoor methods, 8 to 10 weeks of flowering are necessary to produce the immense resin of which this plant is capable. In outdoor gardens, high rainfall can result in reduced yield. Great to use in experimental strains for the layman, the male pollen is recommended to achieve some interesting hybrids.

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